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Effective Networking for Innovators involved in the Energy Transition

PARIS, FRANCE, September 23, 2022

AVENIA, the only French competitiveness cluster dealing with the subsurface sectors has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Start Bridge Inc. to further develop cooperation in the area of Innovation.

“AVENIA is committed to foster collaborative innovation in particular for the Energy Transition. We are animating, all year long, theme-specific Innovation Clubs for our members” explained Thibaut HEIMERMANN, Managing Director, at AVENIA. “We are excited to continue fostering collaboration among our members using structured templates proposed by Start Bridge and make more accessible the open innovation challenges proposed by some of our big members. Providing new opportunities to strengthen cooperative relations in the areas of innovation is definitely one of our missions” he added.

In turn, the CEO of Start Bridge, David Segonds, remarked that “Our goal is to support innovators to achieve effective networking. As a member of AVENIA, we are delighted to contribute to its innovation ecosystem thanks to our Bridge templates, available as a SaaS. The energy transition is such an important topic for our societies, it is crucial to empower innovators worldwide through qualified B2B relationships. Making AVENIA’s open innovation program literally one click away for all our users is exciting”.


Based in Pau and Paris, AVENIA represents more than 250 members involved in the subsurface industries dedicated to energy and ecological transitions (geothermal energy, geological storage, gas&oil, mining&carries, geotechnics, hydrogeology). AVENIA proposes pertinent collective actions to boost the development of its members by initiating innovative and collaborative projects.

For more information about AVENIA, visit


Founded in 2021, Start Bridge Inc. wants to change how innovators worldwide meet, collaborate, and prosper. To achieve this objective, they developed new structured templates, called Bridges, that can be used for product offerings, innovation challenges, or project business plans, available as a SaaS. The Bridge can be continuously updated while incorporating market insights gained through professional networks and can be shared privately through different channels, including a list of highly reputable innovation hubs directly available on the platform as trusted registered hubs.

For more information about Start Bridge, visit

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