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We bring innovators to you

We are the platform for open innovation managers in hubs, and enterprises, to showcase their programs, allowing innovators to find them and connect easily.

I’m using this platform and I can tell you, it is awesome! It is really helping me to solidify my business ideas, facilitate collaborations with my business partners and accomplish effective networking.

— CEO, Startup

We are excited to continue fostering collaboration among our members using structured templates proposed by Start Bridge and make more accessible the open innovation challenges proposed by some of our big members.

— Managing Director, Innovation Hub

A system that provides the opportunity to present your innovations and ideas to your colleagues and potential partners on a singular collaboration platform for everyone to share under a common view.

— Startup Advisor

Meet our innovation partners

IMT Starter

As an Open Innovation Program Manager:

Showcasing Challenges

Identifying innovators in your professional network can prove to be both resource-intensive and time-consuming.

By referencing open innovation programs from diverse hubs and enterprises on a centralized platform, we increase your visibility, and enable innovators to engage with your open innovation program.

Building Trust

Fostering trusted relationships with innovators through multiple meetings can be a complex and lengthy process.

Our platform enables you to engage privately with innovators, while involving colleagues on an as-needed basis.

This approach accelerates the development of alignment and trust between innovators and your organization.

Selecting Projects

Preparing and promoting challenges for innovators can be complex. 

Our platform allows you to quickly post challenges using our structured format.

This method simplifies your selection of the most suitable response.

Coaching Innovators

Nurturing partnerships with chosen innovators often entails lengthy email exchanges.

Our platform facilitates the centralization of feedback from all team members within your organization.

This project-centric approach minimizes misalignment throughout the partnership's duration.

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