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Pitch and manage any innovative project

Pitching is hard, and getting feedback is even more challenging.

Learn to structure your pitch and start building your community.

Our Structured Format

The Bridge helps you formulate your ideas succinctly and communicate them to your colleagues and stakeholders in your innovation ecosystem.

I’m using this platform and I can tell you, it is awesome! It is really helping me to solidify my business ideas, facilitate collaborations with my business partners and accomplish effective networking.

— CEO, Startup

We are excited to continue fostering collaboration among our members using structured templates proposed by Start Bridge and make more accessible the open innovation challenges proposed by some of our big members.

— Managing Director, Innovation Hub

A system that provides the opportunity to present your innovations and ideas to your colleagues and potential partners on a singular collaboration platform for everyone to share under a common view.

— Startup Advisor

A Bridge Party is a structured exercise that helps you connect with the right partners for your innovation project faster than rounds of searching and pitching.

— CMO, SaaS Company

The bridge party is a brain storming meeting allowing to better focus the project on all its aspects: objectives, means, deadlines and costs.

— CEO, Startup

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Start Bridge helps innovators solidify their business ideas within a structured format, facilitates collaboration and feedback, connects to innovation hubs, and responds to enterprises' challenges.

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Innovation Hubs

Start Bridge is the preferred platform for innovation hubs looking for a continuous funnel of innovators to match to enterprises searching for solutions to their challenges.

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Enterprises use Start Bridge to keep track of hundreds of innovation projects underway inside their companies or with external partners. They can also publish challenges to which innovators can respond.

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With our free plan, anyone can organize a Bridge party.

Present your project and collaborate with your team and your professional network.

Your interactions are private, and as Bridge author you are always in control.